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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Luke 13:6-9

Three posts ago, I asked for feedback as to whether or not should stay online, promising to respond in kind by Christmas time, which response I will now attempt.

Two fellow strikers offered their thoughts on the matter. I also tried to contact four pro-life leaders, not PLS signatories, whom I thought might have some advice or interest, and was gratified to hear back from two of the four. The following excerpts represent a summary of the salient points from this feedback.

One fellow striker wrote the following:

I believe that most people need two things to in order to attempt something difficult - a. they need information and a good understanding of why; and b. they need someone to do it first. With something like a pro-life tax resistance, I think most people will not attempt something so difficult or potentially risky without a clear understanding of why (which is why [the] site is crucial) and examples of others who have done the same.
One pro-life leader wrote this:
... the organization that would take this on would need to be a 501c4...which allows for political involvements...

... My only thoughts about bringing a tax strike into the realm of 501c3 or 4's would center on the personality it would take to make this public. Most of the "face" people in the Pro-Life movement have a 501c3 and or a c4...

... Your hearts in the right place Jerry, you are just taking on a subject that's a bit tricky...but one we all agree with.
and another wrote this:
I think for these two reasons, fear of jail and other trouble from the IRS and the fact that PP is already on the run, most folks would not be interested in withholding taxes related to abortion. And I do not know of any mainstream group that would likely run that effort, for the same reasons.

The clear pattern in these honest comments meshes well with what I had already come to suspect. The above quoted striker thinks that people might join if there were other people already doing it. Both pro-life leaders say that no recognized pro-life leader would want to risk it because of the legal issues with IRS, and they don't want to lose their tax exempt status. So nobody wants to be first, and nobody but David Little and Jerry DePyper wants to publicly do anything until somebody else does it first: a classic Catch-22.

I could try to argue some of the above points, but it seems more reasonable to accept them as realistic assessments of the current situation, and to respond as well in a reasonable way. What the above seems to point to is that no one with better credentials is likely to take up the pro-life strike banner; it's this amateur or nothing. With still one month to go, I am now inclined to try to renew the website's hosting and domain name registration for one more year in the spirit of Lk.13:6-9, and to offer the following plea:

As you read this (and other pages and articles herein), you may be hearing the Spirit urging you to join. Please do so. Please don't wait until more people are doing it. Do it yourself now, so as to purify your pro-life prayers.

To break through the catch-22 barrier, someone has to be willing to be amongst the first.
And, secondly, please use the Sign-up page to add yourself to our counter. None of our contact data is ever given away or sold. By default, your name or other information is not even published online. You may also sign up with a 'pen name', so to speak, to further protect your anonymity. A big reason for signing up is to be a catalyst, to encourage others to sign up, and so help propel this thing forward. To break through the catch-22 barrier, someone has to be willing to be amongst the first.

If you are willing for your name and comments to be published, so much the better. As mentioned, the default is not to publish anything unless so directed, so please clearly indicate your willingness to go public if that is your intent.

Outside of actually signing up, if you have further feedback or comments to offer, please do so via the blog comments or the Contact page.

And then let's see where we are this time next year.

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Sylvia says:
Good points
Saturday, April 18, 2015 02:04 am

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