Pro-life strike (abortion boycott) mission:
To purify our prayers and other pro-life efforts, and to make a concrete difference, we refuse to fund the abortion industry. We boycott corporate abortion funding, and hold back abortion taxes. We pray for life; we will not pay for death!
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The following websites are closely related to our Pro-life strike site.

STMS The World St. Thomas More Society. Learn about David Little's refusal to pay Canadian taxes that support abortion, and his legal battle to stop public funding for abortion.
Picket Line The Picket Line. This website is peopled mainly by war tax resisters and contains good advice on tax resistance strategies. Dave Gross, the site manager, has been quite helpful and sympathetic to pro-life tax resistance.
Dogpatch, Ergo Sum Dogpatch, Ergo Sum. This is Jerry DePyper's primary blog, where he began in 2007 to write about a pro-life strike. This eventually led to the creation of in early 2009.
Manhattan Declaration The Manhattan Declaration. This site, launched Nov. 2009, is a public statement of refusal to capitulate to any governmental mandate that violates God's Law regarding human life, marriage, and religious liberty.
St. Joseph Community St. Joseph's Lay Catholic Community. Lay Catholic families living a life of monastic poverty. In response to unjust taxes, these folks take the creative approach of living outside of conventional dependence upon monetary income.

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We do not buy abortions
Abortion boycott
Abortion boycott
Abortion boycott
Pro-life strike
Pro-life strike
Pro-life strike
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